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Themed hotels

Family hotels

The GIOCOVACANZA CLUB MEMBER HOTELS hotels put a special focus on pampering families looking for relaxation and fun.
GiocovacanzaThey feature the full range of comforts and amenities tailored to children plus a broad assortment of creative workshops and fun entertainment, creating an atmosphere where everyone can relax and unwind in the beautiful Trentino mountains.

Whatever the season you can rest assured that there’ll always be an interesting deal on offer.

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Wellness Hotel in Trentino

VITA NOVA WELLNESS HOTELS are the best wellness Hotels & Resorts in Trentino.
VitanovaAll our facilities offer valuable, superior quality services and superb Wellness Centres.
Star-rated hotels, exclusive campsites and spa hotels provide a complete wellbeing experience, with wonderful wellness areas, sports and light exercise programmes, and special services for families and our youngest visitors.


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Motorbike holiday

Club mototurismoIt is a service for all guests traveling by motorbike in Trentino, and staying by HOTELS signpostedby the symbol "Motorbike under the roof": secure parking for motorbikes, providing tourist information, tourist information boards like description of the villages, location of the main service facilities, information about road connections and weather, as well as services for guests and motorbikes, the possibility to book the accommodation (hotel, pension, camping site) for the next tour in advance by e-mail...
Mototurismo in Trentino does not solely rest on our hospitality but also on our pride in showing the nicest parts of Trentino and Val di Fiemme off to our motorcycling friends, along routes that are less traffic-bound that lead to the feet of the most beautiful Dolomite peaks.
Motorcycle Holidays: freedom and diversity.
A double chance you can’t miss.

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Charming holiday

A new type of holiday for those not satisfied with anything but... the very best. Trentino Charme
The HOTELIERS belonging to the innovative Trentino Charme club are professionals who have a strong sense of hospitality, their philosophy is centred on the guest, on respect for the genius loci, the protective spirit of the place and the desire to fulfil guests' wishes.
The Trentino Charme club focuses on the true value of things.
Each hotel is unique yet they all share a common goal: to thrill your senses.
What is charm? Attraction, appeal, elegance, harmony, sophisticated simplicity, balance, allure… There are a few things lacking in the exact definition – art, emotion, love – but we recognize them when they make their way in to our lives


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