Clowning week

Jul 23, 2017 - Jul 28, 2017
10:00 o'clock

Predazzo brightens up, welcoming many clowns and their shows and workshops at Gardonè (1.650 mt).


Sunday 23rd
At 11.00 and 14.30:
Nicola Sordo, alias Professor Nikolaus Drake, is the best expert in dragonology and “applied liking” who gives dragonology lessons. He hides, camouflages, stares at you from a distance and closely, follows you, observes you and involves you in his a bit bizarre researches. Sometimes, at the very best moment, he will give you some tips to successfully bring to an end all the missions you will be facing in the Animated Mountain. This unusual and odd-looking scientist will also give his real dragonology lessons. No desks or old books covered with dust for the most extravagant Professor of the world, but only a passionate funniness and thousands of curious utensils and tools to help you become infallible researchers of dragons...maybe! (In Italian language)

Monday 24th
At 11.00:
in less than 10 minutes he disappears into a huge balloon, and starts to dance. What can a street artist do who has a passion for balloons?
At 14.30: Balloon workshop for children

Tuesday 25th
At 11.00:
quiet, quiet he steps on to the stage. Pedalling a suitcase, pushing his trunk, making brooms dance and throwing bottles, transforming trunks and riding giraffes, throwing tyres into the air like fireworks and rolling away on his sphere. Clowning, juggling, balancing acts, acrobatics, a show which is striking on account of its originality, comedy and skill
At 14.30: Clowning workshop for children

Wednesday 26th
At 11.00:
Mia Mine and Mr. Vita are two gangsters, victims of fashion, extravagant and ridiculous types.  They live in a world full of hair lacquer, false gold and snake skin. In a mix of comedy, theatre and clowning this couple of amazing gangsters will raise the temperature. Energy level? Very high
At 14.30: “My clown” workshop for children

Thursday 27th
At 11.00:
welcome to the intimate and eccentric world of Grumpy Pants. Everyday things come alive through traditional juggling numbers. The whole of the fourth wall is cut to pieces. Families, children and actors take part in the creation of the show. There are no barriers. | Communication is through sensations and sounds. A vocabulary to build together

Friday 28th
At 11.00 and 14.30: t
he circus always seems inaccessible. But this time it is within everybody's reach. The children from the Circus School of Trento will show you how to do the tricky exercises, to experience the world of juggling and balancing. In the afternoon a very special course to discover the secrets of these fascinating arts









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Jul 23, 2017 - Jul 28, 2017 , 10:00 in Predazzo

Clowning week

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