Famiglie in quota

Quanto vola la fantasia sopra i 1600 metri

Ogni giorno le famiglie possono scegliere sorprendenti attività sempre diverse fra panorami incontaminati d’alta quota sempre nuovi. I bambini trascorrono giornate di gioco e esplorazione vestendo i ruoli di contadini, boscaioli, erboristi, piccoli geologi, apicoltori, cercatori di draghi o di gnomi.

Gli impianti di risalita conducono  nella Montagna Animata del Latemar e fra i giochi interattivi del Difr (Predazzo-Gardoné), al Latemarium di Pampeago e fra i boscaioli del regno di Cermislandia (Cavalese-Alpe Cermis).


Alpe di Pampeago



Don't call me...Krampus
10.00 - 12.00 Tesero - Pampeago, meeting point at the lifts departure in Pampeago.
Often spotted, never been photographed. According to the tradition, he is quite similar to his relatives from South Tyrol. Some people call him "Om Selvadech", other count David... What we know is that he hates to frighten people, he loves Nature and he hopes that someone will approach him with no fear... Spectacular tale with the theatre company "La Pastière".

From 4th of Juli to 5th of September 2017, activity even in case of rain, not suitable for strollers.

One day as a farmer
15.30 - 17.00 Tesero - Pampeago, meeting point in the parking lot of the chairlift Tresca.
After a short walk, at Malga Pampeago, the kids and their parents can take care of calves, donkeys and pigs. While waiting for the cows coming back from the pastures, you'll taste fresh milk and bread with jam. 

From 4th of Juli to 5th of September 2017, activity even in case of rain, suitable for country strollers.


Little mountain delicates
14.30 - 16.30 Tesero - Pampeago, meeting point at the Monte Agnello mountain hut.
Cooking workshop. As guests of Monte Agnello mountain hut we will prepare, cook and taste the mountain delicacies reinvented by us. The workshop is for the kids, but their parents can take part to take notes and to taste them.
From 6th of Juli to 7th of September 2017.
All the activities are reserved for Trentino&FiemmE-motion Card holders.






town: Tesero, phone: +39 (0462)813265


Extraordinarily precious geological, botanical and landscape mountain surrounded by a thick network of paths, that UNESCO declared to be one of the..
town: Predazzo, phone: +39 (0462)502929

The Absent Herdsman

Martìn, a little shepherd of Predazzo, leads you along the Path of the Absent-Minded Shepherd, from the pages of a playbook that you can withdraw at..
town: Predazzo, phone: +39 (0462)502929

Difr Academy

The DIFR Academy is looking for brilliant, sly and of course brave people, able to face three important missions. The important task is to guarantee..
town: Predazzo, phone: +39 (0462)502929

The dragon forest

In the Dragon Forest, these powerful winged creatures that live on Latemar have left lots of clues to help you find them. Look for the signs they..