Matoci Carnival

Feb 10, 2018 - Feb 10, 2018
10:30 o'clock
Valfloriana e frazioni

The Matoci Carnival is a very traditional event. A long parade of characters with wooden masks wearing bright costumes walks from village to village to meet in the main square of Casatta.

To reach the destination they have to pass many "obstacles" and answer some difficult and satirical questions. This is the only way to pass from one village to the other, as in the past it was common to pay a toll to walk freely.

In Casatta the Carnival ends with dances, tricks, sweets an wine. The six kinds of characters are: Matòci, Arlecchini, Sonatori (music players), Bèla (beauty), Sposi, (husband and wife) and Paiàci (clowns), each with specific features.

The celebration ends at night with a masked ball.

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