Local products

Let's imagine to walk through Val di Fiemme carrying a basket. Which are the typical flavours we shall bring home?

The high-quality typical products that we can put in our "delicious basket" are:

  • Dairy factories cheeses, like the tasty "Formae Val di Fiemme" or the famous "Puzzone di Moena": they are additive-free and smell of the flowery pastures where the cattle is bred
  •  speck and cold cuts, both fresh and aged
  •  honey, jams, wild berries and apple Strudel
  •  game and mushrooms
  •  the famous Fiemme beer
  • the natural infusions made with the distilled Trentino's grappa of the resins of mountain pine, gentian or wild sloes 
  • natural herbal and comsetic products, made of goat's milk (rich in proteins that hydrate your skin) or herbs, berries and wild fruit
  • perfumed pillows filled with pine wood chips, for a better relax 
  • wine of the near Val di Cembra, connected to Val di Fiemme by the water of the Avisio stream
town: Tesero, phone: 0039(335)1017632

Azienda Agricola Delladio Nicoletta

The farm owned by Delladio Nicoletta has been breeding sheep and goats since 1984. Moreover it developed a cosmetic line called “Soffice Natura”,..
town: Tesero, phone: 0039(0462)814753

Il maso delle Erbe

Maso delle Erbe is specialized in producing natural medicines and cosmetics using products coming from bees and selected vegetable extracts. In our..
town: Panchià, phone: +39 (342) 0280053


L'Ònes is an artisanal workshop of traditional grappa flavored with aromatic herbs, which are hand-picked in the forests of Val di Fiemme. Free..
town: Varena, phone: +39 (0462)340422

Butcher's shop Dagostin

A family-run business from 1983 and specialised in the production of typical meats and salamis. The genuineness and tastes of the territory are..
town: Predazzo, phone: +39 (0462)501287

Cheese factory Predazzo and Moena

The local cheese factory of Predazzo and Moena, the Dolomites in the background, the grazing land and creeks of Val di Fiemme as a setting, a special..
town: Castello-Molina di Fiemme, phone: +39(393)5503104

Cembrani DOC

CEMBRANI D.O.C.: Opera Vitivinicola in Valdicembra, Villa Corniole, Simoni Ferruccio e Michele, Nicolodi Alfio Azienda Vitivinicola, Zanotelli..
town: Castello-Molina di Fiemme, phone: +39 (329)0807952

Dolci Momenti dalle Dolomiti

Love and respect for nature and dedicated care and attention during production. Examples are our rhododendron honey from the Lagorai mountain chain..
town: Carano, phone: 0039(0462)340284

Cheese factory Val di Fiemme

Since 50 years, Caseificio Val di Fiemme has been a cheesemaking factory producing cow's and goat's cheese whose milk's collected twice a day from..
town: Capriana, phone: 0039(328)2616269

Azienda Agricola Elio Barbugli

During our production we pay lots of attention and give great importance to traditions, aiming at creating high quality, healthy and natural..
town: Daiano, phone: 0039(0462)342244

Maso dello Speck

Tito, today as yesterday, is synonymous of Speck. The production takes place in the family farm on Ganzaie place, near the village of Daiano at an..