First steps in Val di Fiemme


Let your child guide you

The advantage of exploring a small town is that you cannot get lost. Therefore, why don't you let you child guide you?

Basically, they are always able to find the most beautiful places because – that's true! - they are more curious than us. So let them explore the ancient courtyards and the tiny paths that lead to hidden vegetable gardens. Why don't you slid down a stable of goats or cows? You will notice that the smaller is the village, the easier is bumping into farm animals.

The tiny “secret” streets, far from the main road, can always surprise people passing by. But the most beautiful thing is that there are no risks. At most, a goose might jump out and loose your shoe strings… (they really do that!). 
Sooner or later, no doubt about that, you will find a fountain on your way. And you know that taking a child away from water... is always a big challenge! It will be the perfect occasion for a break, without the hurries and worries that life in big cities daily imposes. 
Children move their first steps freely also in the paths around the villages. And if they still sit in a stroller, there are many easy walks in the nearest wood. Bring something to snack with you, sit around the pic-nick tables and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of nature.