The Sounds of the Dolomites

Palafiemme Cavalese

18.09.2022 - 18.09.2022
12:00 hodiny
Altopiano di Lavazè

Because of bad weather the concert will take place at Palafiemme in Cavalese at 5.30 pm. Concerts are free to attend, but booking is required. Booking will be open from 9 am to 13.30 pm on the day of the concert. Click here for your booking.

A New Season

The festival celebrates its return with a special and richly meaningful project. Consider it a taster to whet the appetite for this new, highly anticipated edition of the festival, seeking answers to a question which can no longer be put off: the question of humanity’s relationship with the environment, the events that have altered it, and the need to rebuild it. This topic is poignantly reflected in the venue for this event, where the Lavazè plateau still bears the scars left by Storm Adrian; but also visible are concrete signs of resilience and of the construction of a new equilibrium, where humans and nature can find a middle ground to meet on once again. This same hope also echoes through the notes of a universally renowned opera: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, as performed by the I Solisti Aquilani orchestra & Daniele Orlando in “Una Nuova Stagione” (A New Season). Vivaldi’s masterpiece, with its intrinsic references to the natural cycle of life and its pronounced chiaroscuro tones, is reinterpreted with an extremely timely ecological spin.
Accompanying the musicians — who are themselves a symbol of rebirth from the ruins of Aquila, the hometown they take their name from — is one of the sharpest and most astute voices of Italy’s theatre and digital scene: Natalino Balasso. His role is to simply read the text of the eighteenth-century sonnets which accompany the score, describing a natural world and seasons that have been lost in time.

Palafiemme Cavalese, Via F.lli Bronzetti, 60


Alternative venue in case of bad weather: 5.30 pm Palafiemme, Cavalese. Free attendance upon compulsory booking.

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  • Entry to the concerts is free of charge.
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In case of bad weather:

  • The concert will take place the same day at 5.30 pm in a theatreBooking will be open from 9 am to 13.30 pm on the day of the concert. Click here for your booking.
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For further information:

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The Sounds of the Dolomites

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The Sounds of the Dolomites

Natalino Balasso, I Solisti Aquilani & Daniele Orlando