From the cycle route to "Vecia Ferrovia": Val di Fiemme within...e-bike's reach!

Countless suggestions for a healthy and ecological lifestyle: here comes the e-bike that inclines everyone towards the two wheels.
The assisted movement of the e-bike is very light and comfortable. As it helps the longest transfers, the e-bike lets everyone make constant efforts that never exceed the rider's personal skills and gives the sensation of receiving a pleasant boost from behind.

The e-bike is available, upon request and to rent – in the Hotels for Bikers, that can offer you maps and dedicated services, as well. Hiring an e-bike is on sale for all holders of FiemmE-Motion card.

The tours for e-bikes in Val di Fiemme are along the cycle route, along the steeper and more difficult route of Vecia Ferovia, or to the Natural Park Paneveggio Pale di San Martino.

E-Bike Itineraries



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