Predazzo Bio-lake


An oasis of relaxation and fun

It’s no wonder that it will be the “Fontanelle” locality near Predazzo to welcome the new bio-lake.
Predazzo loves water. Maybe because it was founded on the confluence of two rivers, the Avisio and the Travignolo, or maybe because of its fountains tradition.
Today there are 36, but it counted already one in each district, as early as 1785, with the dual function of trough and wash-house

Its insatiable desire for water will be filled by a swimming body of water, surrounded by meadows. The swimming conditions will be ensured by water renewals, and by the presence of purifying water plants. In full respect of nature, phytopurification will replace any chemical compounds, such as chlorine and other additives, preventing any harmful substances from entering the sewage system or the surrounding crops

In the middle of the flatland that residents call “Campagna”, the lake spreads over 5,000 meters and the water is 1.3-1.5 meter deep, in the deepest point. The new provincial bike path runs next to it, taking bikers from Molina to Canazei in total safety; the bio-lake becomes the ideal place for a rejuvenating and refreshing break, before taking off on your bike once again

In the past, fountains were gathering and mingling places. Now there will be the bio-lake for that.

This body of water harmoniously blends in, in a vital and sports area, between the new biking path, the sports field, the skate park and the playground. Only water was missing, in this relaxation and fun oasis.

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