Adventure Parks

Like Squirrels Jumping from on Branch to the other

Once upon a time, there was a tree house. A common dream for many children. Now, you can walk safely on branches through wooden tunnels, ropes, lianes and tiny bridges.

Val di Fiemme dedicated to "tarzaning" so much as two adventure parks. They are in Molina and Ziano di Fiemme.

Every park offers routes with different levels, from the easiest ones for little kids to the hardest ones for adults.

town: Castello-Molina di Fiemme

Adventure Dolomiti

The Acropark is a really lovely park in the woods featuring tree-borne suspended obstacle courses. Enjoy excitement and adventure in total safety!..
town: Ziano di Fiemme, phone: +39(347)5323839

Suan Park

Suspended obstacle courses in woods held up by cables, airborne wooden platforms and ropes. Each park has courses of various degrees of difficulty..