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Daybreak at a mountain dairy, Malga Sadole - Desmontegada de le caore

02/07/2021 - 17/09/2021
05:00 o'clock
Malga Sadole, Ziano di Fiemme

The appointments with Sunrises in a Malga introduce to a shepherd’s world made of milking, cheesemaking, pastures and wholesome breakfasts while the sun is rising after a night spent in the malga!
A special edition during this weekend, dedicated to Desmontegada de le caore.
It’s time to "desmontegar" in Val di Fiemme... Are you ready to live the goats’ and cows’ last moments before they walk back to the valley to spend the winter season? Let’s come and experience this last summer occasion!

At the end of the event, the paty will go on in Cavalese to wait for the grand finale on Sunday 9th September: an all-day party watching the parade of hundreds of goats.


Compulsory reservation! Limited availability

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Tourism Board Office Val di Fiemme
ph. +39 0462 241111

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Booking Center Val di Fiemme
ph. +39 0462 341419


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This year the event won’t take place… see you in 2021!