Play with dragons

Difr Academy

Special effects in the wood and secret micro-chips. In Val di Fiemme, at MontagnAnimata, accomplish three team missions and enter a surreal dimension where mythological creatures live

In Val di Fiemme you will discover to be braver than a dragon, brave enough to save him!
The Difr Academy is an outdoor team game with 8 interactive stations hidden in the wood and meadows of MontagnAnimata, a park in Val di Fiemme with fantastic themed paths. In just 15 minutes, the Predazzo-Gardoné cable car will take you at 1.650 m, right where the dragons of the Latemar dolomite group dare.

Bring your family and friends, the Difr Academy is open to children and kids, there is no age limit. All of a sudden the wood comes alive in front of your eyes, with incredible special effects. Thanks to a microchip, this interactive game will let you enter a surreal dimension. With Difr Academy you will learn how to interpret the dragons smoke and trees messages.
Solve the mysteries with your teammates using two essential tools: the map and the dragons alphabet. Clue after clue you will accomplish your mission to save the dragons, but get ready to meet some mystery creatures like Leroistus, Prakon, Tof and Robinia. The eight interactive stations are marked with a wooden totem and you choose where to start from; the only rule is to keep the Tof egg for last.
There are no time limits, but usually the game takes about one hour and a half

Difr Academy

The three missions to save the dragons

  1. “Leroistus mission”: recover the egg belonging to the heir of the Latemar good dragons dynasty
  2. “Prakon mission”: teach Tof how to fly, supported by the Latemar expert
  3. “Magic bridge mission”: Tof is looking for his mom, help him!


The Predazzo-Gardoné cable car carries up to 12 people; dogs are welcome and you can bring strollers and bikes too. You will find the Difr kit at the info point in Gardonè.

Info: Ph +39 0462 502929 - 

Difr Academy

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