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Latemarium: An exciting alpine realm


The Latemarium is an exciting alpine realm extending around the Latemar massif. It has been open to visitors from all walks of life and offers the opportunity to experience pristine natural beauty up close.

Below the rugged cliffs of the Latemar – which belongs to the UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site of the Dolomites – the magnificent latemar.360° panoramic terraces offer sensational views, while a thick network of thematic trails allows you to expand your knowledge of the flora, fauna, geology, and agricultural practices of this alpine area. 

Those who want to experience the mountain up close can take the winding latemar.panorama directly below the cliffs and pause for rest-stops at the stations along the way before beginning the challenging alpine hike to the idyllic Latemar Hut at an altitude of 2,671 meters above sea-level. Along the trail in Pampeago, art-lovers will find the works of famous artists. Not far from the geological trail, there's a new thematic trail – the latemar.meteo, at Monte Agnello. This trail is dedicated to the topics of meteorology and geodynamics.

Regardless of the thematic trail you decide on, the latemar.relax thematic trail is an easy alternative for a relaxing stroll back to Obereggen down through verdant meadows.  

The greatest highlights in the Latemarium include the "Eye to the Dolomites" adventure station established last summer – here, visitors can actually walk into and around a giant-sized eyeball and learn more about UNESCO. Along the latemar.alp trail and the path on the history of hay-harvesting and forestry, there's a life-size wooden horse.

You can reach the Latemarium from Obereggen and Pampeago with the chairlifts and from Predazzo with the cablecar. 

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On the path Latemar.Panorama you can find some interesting points that helps you to discover the history an the fairy tales of the valley.

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4,7 km
2 h

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