Fantasy and entertainment over 1600 mt

Every day children can let their imagination fly amongst the Dolomite landscapes, choosing from a number of different activities. The fun paradises have risen high, far from populous centres.

Fantasy has found fertile ground between altitudes of 1,650-2,190 m. at MontagnAnimata del Latemar (Predazzo-Gardoné cableway), 1.280-2.240 m. at Cermislandia (Cermis Cableway), 2.000-2.200 m., 1,750 m. at Giro d'Ali of Bellamonte (Bellamonte 3.0 cable car) and along the theme paths of the Latemarium (Latemar chairlift and Agnello di Pampeago).

town: Tesero, phone: +39(0462)813265


Extraordinarily precious geological, botanical and landscape mountain surrounded by a thick network of paths, that UNESCO declared to be one of the..
town: Predazzo, phone: +39 (0462)502929

The Absent Herdsman

Martìn, a little shepherd of Predazzo, leads you along the Path of the Absent-Minded Shepherd, from the pages of a playbook that you can withdraw at..
town: Predazzo, phone: +39 (0462)502929

Difr Academy

The DIFR Academy is looking for brilliant, sly and of course brave people, able to face three important missions. The important task is to guarantee..
town: Predazzo, phone: +39 (0462)502929

The dragon forest

In the Dragon Forest, these powerful winged creatures that live on Latemar have left lots of clues to help you find them. Look for the signs they..
town: Predazzo, phone: +39 (0462)502929

Dos Capel Geological trail

Latemar’s rocks and fossils tell the tale of a tropical sea and large volcanoes in the area that is now the Dolomites. If you want to travel back..
town: Bellamonte, phone: +39 (0462)576234

Tour of wings

"Along the sweet stream of water… barefoot". At Fassane, easily accessible with the lift from the resort Castelir - Bellamonte, has been created a..
town: Cavalese, phone: +39 (0462)340490

Fattoria Jjaa Jaa Hoo

The melodic sound of the cowbells in the mountains accompanies you along your silent walk. The pleasure of being able to caress and stroke the..