Farm Animals

Farm Animals

“Mom, I've just seen a cow!”

If at the upper levels of this valley you can catch sigh of chamoises, eagles and marmots, at the lower levels you can meet buzzards, woodpeckers, foxes, squirrels, roe deer and deer. The latter are a bit conceited and can be admired in Paneveggio, in the deer reservation of the Natural Park.

Furthermore, you can live an easy and immediate relationship with other animals. The big "zoo" of Fiemme is populated by thousands of farm animals. Children can meet cows and goats everywhere and, thanks to the FiemmE-motion Card, they can also learn how to milk them or to prepare butter. Among the recreational activities dedicated to families, the workshops for future bee-keepers are very appreciated. Let's learn how to do it safely.
Finally, in the bottom of the valley, you can plan pleasant excursions riding ponies or horses.

Farm Animals

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