When towns can surprise

Each town of the valley dedicates a space reserved to children. Recreational spaces where they can play in nature. Are they ready to get amazed? Take them to the “Game of Wood” in Capriana, the perfect place to explore the secrets of nature playing with the characters of the fables – Alice, Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Pippi Longstocking and imaginative role-playing games.

town: Capriana

"Il Giocabosco"

There is a clearing in the wood where families relax in close contact with nature and kids have fun: this is the Giocabosco, a playground at Prà..
town: Passo di Lavazè, phone: +39(0462)230447

Greta e Gummer Park

Fun time in summer at Lavazè Pass for Kids and Adults, from gliding downhill on snow tubes on the track and easily climbing back again on the moving..
town: Daiano

"The hidden Wood"

Maybe the wood likes to play hide-and-seek. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to discover the curious creatures that live there. To spot them you have..