Spectacular tale: El Diaol dal Gazo

Spectacular tales

Fiemme is on stage

Val di Fiemme is on stage in fairy-tale landscapes. An acting company, led by Alessandro Arici, accompanies you to discover natural and historical treasures in the valley. They give life to “Spectacular tales” narrating stories and legends born in these places.
Voices, movements, habits and costumes let your mind open on an ancient wisdom. Their unsettling and overwhelming humour, adorned with improvisations and follies, brings us back to the simple and spontaneous gestures that used to mark the time in this valley. No other acting is more astonishing.
Actors play at the feet of Dolomite walls or inside ancient palaces. The stages are lawns and meadows full of flowers or wooden haylofts that once belonged to our great-(great)-grand-parents.
But where are the dressing rooms? This is what the hollow trunks of trees are needed for!
Throughout the summer, the “Spectacular tales” go on stage almost every day and are included in the FiemmE-motion Card.

Spectacular tales

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