The 7 Wonders of Fiemme

The 7 Wonders of Fiemme

In Val di Fiemme, beauty fans get the chance to admire amazing colour-changing shows, among natural monuments and monuments from the past. Let's discover seven places you really must see during your holiday.

The Dolomitic sunset

The rocky walls of the UNESCO Dolomites paint a color spectrum going from light yellow to bright red.

The peak of Torre di Pisa

On the Latemar massif can be found one of the most photographed peaks of the Dolomites: the Torre di Pisa

The Lavazè upland

One of the most enchanting places in Val di Fiemme among the Dolomites landscape

The waterfall of Cavalese

Experience the energy of water from the bridge at the waterfall base: the mist will softly touch your face.