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The deer reserve among the resonance spruces discovered by Stradivari and still appreciated nowadays by liuthers from all over the world

The deer reserve in the Violins Forest

Among the mammals living in Val di Fiemme, the most striking are definitely deer.

In the Natural Park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino it is possible to observe their behavior in nature. This ungulates wildlife area is surrounded by a fence, so you can have a walk and take pictures of them from a really short distance.

Deer live in the park surrounded by the Violins Forest of Val di Fiemme, where resonance spruces grow. The wood coming from these trees was once loved by Stradivari and nowadays is still appreciated by luthiers from all over the world. In the park you can cross a transparent bridge along the Marciò route and two suspension bridges on the Travignolo stream. The Austro-Hungarian fortress of Forte Dossaccio is worth a visit too and to learn more about plant and animal life explore the Visitor Center of the Paneveggio Natural Park.

In Valmaggiore, not far from Predazzo, the Sounding Forest represents the melodies of the Violins Forest.

The deer reserve in the Violins Forest

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