Eating at high altitude

Eating at high altitude

That “vertical” flavour of a mountain hut

Crystalline air, movement, relax... Perhaps these are the reasons why it seems easier to sense flavours and perfumes when you are in the mountain. Isn't it? That's why having lunch in a mountain hut at high altitude turns into a tasteful experience. The gastronomy served in the mountain huts of Fiemme is surprising thanks to its quality and originality. As a matter of facts, also over 1000 mt. asl. the rule of the zero-kilometre products applies. Furthermore, there are more and more vegetarian-friendly mountain huts, ready to welcome and satisfy this specific request.

The traditional dishes that we suggest are:

•    Strangolapreti with melted butter prepared in malga
•    Spätzle with cream and speck ham
•    Potato pie with cold cuts and cheese
•    Grilled tosela (a kind of melted cheese)
•    Polenta with melted cheese and mushrooms
•    Shin of pork with polenta
•    Luganega or salted raw meat with beans 
•    Smoked loin with sauerkraut
•    Goulash with canederli
•    Sautéed potatoes with speck ham and egg
•    Sachertorte, Linzertorte and jam tarts
•    Apple pie with hot cream
•    Fortaie with blueberry and red-current jam
•    Yoghurt prepared in malga with wild berries

Eating at high altitude

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