Your steps’ sound among the music trees

Nordic Walking in Val di Fiemme

Listen to the soft sound of the moss under your feet when walking in the Violins Forests of Val di Fiemme or the tapping of the Dolomites’ rocks underneath your boots when hiking on the Latemar chain. Your feelings will increase when holding your Nordic walking sticks.

According to many Nordic walking lovers, this ancient walking, which involves your arms too, will awake your senses and even your ancestral memories. Somebody discovered that leaning your upper body part on your sticks will open up a direct connection between earth and your mind, between nature and your thought
People fond of this harmonious rhythm deeply believe that activating all your body’s muscles helps gently free your mind. Step after step, your back will straighten up and your neck and shoulders muscles will relax.
While Nordic walkers push their sticks towards the ground, the earth replies pushing their bodies upwards. Their posture changes and so does their gaze.
Therefore, you may realize that the music spruce trees of Val di Fiemme grow in complete silence. Walking around the Sounding Forest in Valmaggiore (near Predazzo) or among the Violins Forests of the Natural Park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino, once visited by Stradivari, you will regain full harmony with nature. Everything becomes easier, generating new ideas and intuitions. The delicate glare of a stream or a stronger one created by a sunset on the Dolomites will take shape. 
Nordic walking can be practiced on terrains which are not too steep, like the forestry roads going through the woods of Predazzo, Cavalese and Tesero, but also up in the mountains. In this case, taking the cable car or chairlift to reach the RespirArt Park in Pampeago (with the chairlift Agnello), or the panoramic trail going from Le Fassane in Bellamonte to Malga Bocche (taking the cable car Bellamonte 3.0) or from Paion in Alpe Cermis to the romantic Bombasel lakes (the cable car departs in Cavalese). 

Nordic Walking in Val di Fiemme

To begin, you may take part in the free Nordic walking excursions included in the FiemmE-Motion Card that you will become when paying the tourist tax:

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