The tour of Cavalese waterfall

The tour of Cavalese waterfall

A walk in the woods encountering a monumental spruce fir, a lively creek, moss-covered rocks and a viewing platform on the waterfall.

The tour of the waterfall in Cavalese, in the lower part of Val Moena stream, is now accessible to everybody thanks to the recent requalification intervention by the Cavalese forestry corps.

This is an easy path, walkable with trekking shoes, surrounded by the amazing wild glimpses of the Val Moena stream. The route waterfall-Tabià-waterfall is a total immersion into the nature, since it avoids the walk along the forestry road which is open to traffic. We suggest to follow the counterclockwise route.

From Cavalese waterfall, cross the bridge which leads to Val Moena and turn left, where a path crosses a long area in the woods, running along a pasture and leading to the Pezo del Gazolin, a majestic monumental spruce fir. Leave the path behind you and keep walking uphill towards Val Moena stream, among enchanting surroundings, until you reach the Tabià Bridge, at the beginning of the Tabià pasture. From here you may keep going up along Val Moena, following the forestry road, or after the bridge you may take the path which descends along the right-bank of the stream first, and then little by little, it moves away and reaches the pasture of Salanzada.

Once passed the small shepherds’ shelter, keep walking towards the valley floor, moving closer to the stream which flows between the rocks first and then becomes a waterfall. Here the path starts to descend with hairpin turns next to the waterfall until you reach a panoramic spot close to where the water drops.

From here, go back to the starting point. The total length is about 5 km, with a difference in height of 230 meters and a 10% average gradient.