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Where nature puts on a show

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Monto Corno Natural Park

Monte Corno Park is placed at the very entrance of Val di Fiemme, on the territories of Anterivo, Egna, Montagna, Salorno and Trodena in Bolzano..
town: Cavalese, phone: +39(0471)886946

Geoparc Bletterbach

Thanks to Bletterbach and its canyon, Geological treasures and peculiar landscapes show the evolution of Earth and man from an insolit poin of..

Val di Fiemme includes two natural parks. 

They are very different  though very near - the coppice sub-Mediterranean wood of the Natural Park of Monte Corno and the “Forest of violins” of the Natural Park of Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino.The first presents the most varies species of birds and even pitcher plants, the latter houses a deer reservation among the resonance spruces whose sounding properties were discovered by Stradivari and luthiers from all over the world are still appreciating.

Moreover, at the feet of the mount Corno Bianco, one of the peaks that Unesco declared World Heritage Site, you can experience an extraordinarily beautiful place: the Geoparc Bletterbach canyon. Since the Ice Age, about 15000 years ago, the Bletterbach has dug a cavity – 8 kilometres long and 400 metres deep – where you can “read” and interpret the origin of Earth. 
Besides being a natural document with rocks and stones of any colour, the Geoparc is an amusing adventure park

Spring time, “bio-different” green weekends

Find your uniqueness among many bio-diversities. Enjoy all the different colors walking or riding your e-bike. Increase your curiosity among green pastures and red-painted rocks. Go back to your childhood… from branch to branch, from goat to goat. 

10 things you cannot miss

1.    In the Natural Park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino look at deer in their reservation.
2.    In the Natural Park of Paneveggio, between the end of September and the end of October, listen to the belling of deer in love.
3.    In Paneveggio let your look fly over the huge forest of resonance trees, the Forest of Violins. 
4.    Paneveggio and Val Venegia are privileged stages to watch the Alpenglow painting in pink the mountains of Pale di San Martino at sunset.
5.    In the Natural Park of Paneveggio, along Marciò path, cross the transparent bridge over the stream Travignolo and the suspension bridge over the wild water stream.
6.    In the Natural Park of Paneveggio admire the gorgeous blooming of orchids and rhododendrons of Val Venegia.
7.    In the Natural Park of Paneveggio, at Malga Venegia, taste the typical dish polenta with tosela.
8.    In the Natural Park of Monte Corno look at the peat bogs of the biotopes: Lago Bianco, Lago Nero and Palù Longa. 
9.    In the Natural Park of Monte Corno enjoy the extraordinary landscape from the Malga of Monte Corno. Here, you can also taste the delicious Piatto Malga.
10.    In the Geoparc Bletterbach cross the canyon where colourful stones are nestled.