Welcome to the lively valley!

The slogan of Fiemme Vallevviva was devised in 2009 to reveal the real identity of a “lively” valley and to highlight the passionate and overwhelming exclamation “evviva”.

Fiemme is a “viva” valley because looks ahead in the name of liveability in any project. Its “evviva” comes from the passion of an army of volunteers who gives all their energy to the success of international sports event, such as Marcialonga and the Nordic World Ski Championships (1991, 2003, 2013).

Fiemme Vallevviva inspired the FiemmE-motion Card, a tourism pass key for the safeguard of the environment, offering free mobility services by bus, shuttles and ski lifts, as well as a hundred of activities in nature and in the historic town centres.

Furthermore, each summer this Vallevviva organizes Fiemme Senz’Auto, one day without traffic jam to rediscover all advantages that might be in aid of liveability and lifestyle. During this “green” event, the main road of the valley turns into a cycle route and only environmentally friendly means of transport are allowed. Along the road, tasting, games and concerts.

Fiemme Vallevviva signed a protocol with the nine Municipalities of Val di Fiemme, Comunità Territoriale di Valle, the Organizing Committee of the Nordic World Ski Championships Fiemme 2013, Marcialonga, Tourism Board Office of Val di Fiemme and several voluntary organizations.

All those institutions shared a project for the management and government of the territory that aims to present Val di Fiemme as a real liveability district.

Fiemme Vallevviva project is focused on the topics of quality of air, water, old town centres, mobility with a low environmental impact, of social relationships in the community, of the operator's entrepreneurial capacity, of the exaltation of the authentic elements of the place inspired by history, tradition and local culture.

Enrosadira Alpenglow

Red-hot Sunsets of the Dolomites. What hopeless romantics! You and I at Malga Varena with an extraordinary sunset.