Flavor of the Nature

Flavor of the Nature

4.00  - 6.00 pm Carano

Meeting point 4.00 – 6.00 p.m. Carano, in Calvello at Mas Vinal

Flavor of the Nature. Guided visit to Mas Vinal to flavor the nature: here you can visit our fields of medical herbs used to prepare our infusions “Herbs of the Alps” that you can taste surrounded by an unpolluted environment. Try also our sensory path and visit our small farm, experiencing the contact with nature. Here everybody can be surprised by little things! (from 12/6 to 11/9)

€ 6,00 per person - no FiemmE-motion Card € 10,00

Booking within 6.30 pm on the previous day at +39 331 9241567


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