A Trekking with Llamas

Their rounded nice head says confidence of course!

The Maso delle Erbe of Tesero, is not famous just for the delicious products of beekeeping like honeys in great variety, propolis, healing herb creams and lotions: the Maso delle Erbe is also home of friendly young alpacas and llamas, who are waiting for a pleasant walk together, every morning 9 to 12AM.

It takes only a few minutes ride to be children again. And, don’t be scared: llamas – originating in South America like the alpacas – spit just during their breeding season and they have been friendly with people for 5000 years at least, since the time they were tamed first.

So, get close easily and have a sweet pet: their rounded nice head says confidence of course! Pablo, Cisco and Luglio, the young llamas, with Loco, Papaia and Mango, the young alpacas, are just waiting for you!

This experience is free for kids under 4, 11.00EUR for children 5 to 12 y.o., 16.50EUR over 12 y.o.; discounts for FiemmE.motion Card Plus; max price for families with children is 44,00EUR. Visit the Maso delle Erbe shop in Tesero, Via Roma, for an essay of products.

A Trekking with Llamas

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