The climate mysteries along a trail


Walking at 2.180 m of altitude, among the Dolomites of Val di Fiemme, you can find tools to measure the force of nature and climate equilibria.

How will the weather be like?
Good question! Look at the sky carefully, feel the wind direction, draw a map of the clouds and read the meteorologist’s tools.

All this is possible walking among the Dolomites of Val di Fiemme at 2.180 m in Pampeago, where a themed path reveals climate secrets. It is called Meteo.Lab and it starts at the arrival of the Agnello chairlift, near Rifugio Agnello.
While walking you will find some installations (even with sounds) that show the climate equilibria. Along this easy path, hikers of all ages can discover many information about atmospheric agents thanks to these interactive panels.
How powerful, noisy and spectacular can forces of nature be? How does the sun influence the weather? How do you measure temperature, humidity and pressure?
This path created for kids arouses adults curiosity as well. They can often be seen, for example, writing down the humidity they have just measured on a small notebook contained into a box of Meteo.Lab. The weather trail leads to one of the most amazing panoramic terrace of the Dolomites overlooking Latemar and Pale di San Martino. Here, thanks to another installation, you can feel how different materials can absorb heat generated by the sun.

This is just one of the many themed paths of Latemarium which invites visitors to explore science, geology, history and legends in front of the Latemar dolomite group, a World Heritage site

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