In Bellamonte, Val di Fiemme, kids learn how to orient themselves and build an emergency shelter to experience the mountains safely.

Young mountain experts

Where is East? Where is North? How many of us know it for certain?

Mountains improve your orientation sense. In Val di Fiemme, among the Dolomites of the Trentino region, children and their parents can increase an important vital sense that technology, especially GPS navigation devices, is slowly fading.

In Bellamonte, two playing-courses held outdoor offer the opportunity to experience the mountains, improving your confidence. The activities, for kids over 8, are led by the mountain guide Ezio Rosselli who will explain how to move around at ease even through a thick forest.
The “Mini-course of hiking for children” takes place every Saturday morning, from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. With the Bellamonte 3.0 cable car you reach the intermediate station (loc. Le Fassane), the starting point. Along the trail in the wood, the guide reveals how to hike safely, explaining for example what shoes to wear and the right way to walk on a track.

A quiz game reminds kids what to put in their backpacks, without forgetting what can be useful, like a first-aid kit or some extra clothes in case of rain, and of course a compass together with a topographic map. Through games, the guide will teach how to read a map and use a compass, but also to keep your eyes wide open to observe and memorize the characteristics of the place around you. As a matter of fact, also with the sun and some precise reference points to spot along the trail you can orient yourself. This activity is included in the card you will receive while checking-in, the Trentino FiemmE-motion Guest Card: the passe-partout to amusement in Val di Fiemme.

Young mountain experts

Completing the training of young mountain experts is the activity “Adventure lessons” which takes place on Mondays morning in Bellamonte from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

The meeting point is at La Morea, at the arrival of the Bellamonte 3.0 cable car. Together we will build a small shelter which could be useful in case of an emergency; we will learn how to set up a small base camp and a campfire, pitch a tent and build benches using only ropes to secure logs together. To top it all, we will create a compass to become expert explorers.

Compulsory reservation for both activities by calling +39 346 3639538.

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