02. Aug. 2019, friday from 21:00 o'clock , Tesero

Le corte de Tiezer: Sings of Months

Allegorical representation of the months of the year
03. Aug. 2019, saturday from 05:30 o'clock , Ziano di Fiemme

Alba in malga

Spend the night in a mountain dairy and wake up at 5 am to enjoy the sunrise and try to milk a...
03. - 04. Aug. 2019, saturday, sunday from 09:30 o'clock , Predazzo

Chocomoments Predazzo

The Chocolate Festival
gh'era na olta
03. Aug. 2019, saturday from 20:30 o'clock , Tesero

"Le corte de Tiezer: Gh'era na olta"

Live demonstration night
04. Aug. 2019, sunday from 09:30 o'clock , Castello-Molina di Fiemme

Bike race "La vecia Ferovia dela Val de Fiemme"

Non-competitive mountain bike race. Amateurs and e-bikers are starting from Ora (Bz) to reach...
musica classica
04. - 25. Aug. 2019, sunday from 11:00 o'clock , Predazzo

Classic-light music concert

Concert by Trio Piccola Vienna
04. Aug. 2019, sunday from 12:00 o'clock , Cavalese

The Sounds of the Dolomites

Extraordinary places, extraordinary sound: every summer in Trentino, nature and music come...
05. Aug. 2019, monday from 10:00 o'clock , Predazzo

Sentieri silenziosi

tesero paese da vivere
06. Aug. 2019, tuesday from 20:00 o'clock , Tesero

Tesero: un paese da vivere

Music, games, tasting, street market and fun
07. Aug. 2019, wednesday from 20:00 o'clock , Predazzo

Wednesday night in Predazzo

Predazzo by night: stroll in the town center by candle light, dj music and tastings.
chiesa varena
07. Aug. 2019, wednesday from 21:00 o'clock , Varena

Organ Festival Fiemme 2019

23rd edition of the organ festival that enchats the valley. Trumpet, trombone and organ...
storie par i nosi popi
08. Aug. 2019, thursday from 16:30 o'clock , Tesero

Le corte de Tiezer: Storie par i nosi popi