The water path

04/12/2020 - 10/04/2021
09:00 o'clock
Predazzo, vie del centro

Are you in the mood for a walk but at the same time want to learn more about Predazzo’s history?

The Water Path is an itinerary that will guide you through the oldest streets of the town, into alleys full of history and tradition, to discover the fountains of Predazzo.

Predazzo is located at the confluence of two creeks and is a town rich in water and fountains: they are all different and with their own story. Next to each fountain, an information board explains its history and includes a few images of the old fountains, besides some historical pictures of the town.

After the recent fountains’ restoration, the Municipality of Predazzo created this 3 km long itinerary consisting of 20 different spots along the roads of the historical center, to rediscover these precious water sources.

Once, fountains were the place where people would socialize; where women would chat and gossip while doing the laundry; where animals would drink and where people would fill up their buckets with fresh water. Walking along this path will be like taking a leap into the past and learn about habits and traditions unknown to many.

The itinerary is accessible all year round, even in winter…and actually, during Christmas time, the path will look even better, decorated with pretty ornaments. 

Get the free route map of the fountains at the Tourist Board office in Predazzo or find out more on the page dedicated to Winter walks.


04/12/2020 - 10/04/2021 , 09:00 in Predazzo, vie del centro

The water path

Walk through the old streets and discover the fountains of Predazzo
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