Typical food and products of Trentino 

Holiday Tradition and Taste

Ideas and offers for a delicious experience in Val di Fiemme and Trentino

There is a valley where “the exchange” has still got a value, where manufacturers, hoteliers and restaurateurs share flavours, experiences and research, surrounded by 60 million fir trees which cover the sides of the UNESCO Dolomites peaks.
Val di Fiemme’s vacation offer focuses on details, elegance and genuineness, as well as on maximum comfort and respect for the environment.

You will be treated to a memorable experience amid walls permeated with history and poetry and decor created with care and good taste and boasting contemporary features. You will love the unique atmosphere of Val di Fiemme, which is seasoned with flavours and tastes that have been jealously guarded over the years.
Genuine local products of guaranteed quality, craftsmanship that becomes art and hospitality in a world waiting to be discovered!

Where to eat

Eating in a “Tradition & Taste” restaurant means enjoying delicious food born from local products and seasonality. 

0-Km Products

Genuine local products of guaranteed quality in a world waiting to be discovered!
Holiday Tradition and Taste

Where flavour meets tradition

The members of the club “Tradition & Taste” are restaurants with 0-kilometre menus, producers, artisans, agritourisms, B&Bs and little hotels, full of charm and tradition, that chose to marry the energy conservation and bio-architecture with extreme ease. “Tradition & Taste” is a close-knit team of people that highlights and gives value to ancient wisdom and flavours that Val di Fiemme offers in the name of quality, history and nature to bolster the direct relationship between producers and consumers. 

The quality of Val di Fiemme’s gastronomy is guaranteed by the direct relationship with the producers, by the fresh air and the clean water of Val di Fiemme, and by respecting the local tradition and old recipes.

Producers, restaurateurs and hoteliers guarantee the very best in terms of hospitality, style and genuineness, with a friendly and courteous touch typical of Val di Fiemme and the Trentino region.


Holiday Tradition and Taste

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