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Let's imagine to walk through Val di Fiemme carrying a basket. Which are the typical flavours we shall bring home?

The high-quality typical products that we can put in our "delicious basket" are:

  • Dairy factories cheeses, like the tasty "Formae Val di Fiemme" or the famous "Puzzone di Moena": they are additive-free and smell of the flowery pastures where the cattle is bred
  •  speck and cold cuts, both fresh and aged
  •  honey, jams, wild berries and apple Strudel
  •  game and mushrooms
  •  the famous Fiemme beer
  • the natural infusions made with the distilled Trentino's grappa of the resins of mountain pine, gentian or wild sloes 
  • natural herbal and comsetic products, made of goat's milk (rich in proteins that hydrate your skin) or herbs, berries and wild fruit
  • perfumed pillows filled with pine wood chips, for a better relax 
  • wine of the near Val di Cembra, connected to Val di Fiemme by the water of the Avisio stream
0-km Products

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