The Cheese Route

Road of cheese and flavours

A journey on the Dolomites cheese route

An itinerary for your palate in the heart of the Dolomites, offering an opportunity to taste not just the fresh, genuine cheeses, but also many other delicious specialties, such as perfumed cured meats, sublime berries from our woodlands, thick and velvety honey, delightful sweets and cool beverages.
These are legendary places, set among the Dolomites, a territory of great contrasts and amazing landscapes. This alpine tasting route will let you discover a simple yet intense gastronomy with a genuine flavour coming directly from the uncontaminated mountains. 
By the end of the journey, these aromas, tastes and colours will remain impressed into the senses and bound with your memories of an experience of delights, nature and the genuineness of by-gone days.