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Where to eat

Wholesome products and traditional recipes

Eating in a “Tradition & Taste” restaurant means enjoying delicious food born from local products and seasonality. 

The typical top quality production of Val di Fiemme are speck ham, seasoned or fresh cold cuts, honey, jams and wild berries, apple strudel, game, mushroom, the precious beer Birra di Fiemme and all kinds of cheese produced in the cheese factories of the valley that, besides being additive-free, their smell reminds of the mountain meadows full of flowers and of big respect for all farm animals.
The wines, sparkling wines and grappas that you can taste in all “Tradition & Taste” restaurants and agritourisms are produced by Cembrani Doc, the consortium that joins six wine cellars and two distilleries of the near Val di Cembra, the most ancient cradle of wine growing in Trentino.


Where to eat

Restaurants in Val di Cembra

Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 11,
Cembra Lisignago 38034
Tel 0461 525938


SS612, 44 38030 Lisignago
Tel 0461 153 2137


Via Verdi 23

38041 Albiano
Tel  338 782835