Baita Segantini Baita Segantini

Baita Segantini

Baita Segantini is among the most suggestive and photographed places in Trentino. Situated not far from Passo Rolle, overlooking the magnificent Val Venegia, the mountain hut stands right in front of the majestic Pale di San Martino since 1936, when the artist and poet Alfredo Paluselli built it. The mountain hut serves both genuine snacks and dishes of the local tradition prepared by Roberto, coming from the Paluselli family, who turns simple and natural ingredients into delicious recipes like canederli, goulash, beef stew, melted cheese and polenta, apple strudel and much more.
In winter open during Christmas time and weekends, serving sandwiches and snacks.


Passo Rolle
38054 San Martino di Castrozza