Biolago Predazzo Biolago Predazzo

Bio-lake in Predazzo

A crystal clear body of water harmoniously blends in, in a vital and sports area, between the new biking path, the sports field, the skate park and the playground.
Only water was missing, in this relaxing and fun oasis: now there’s the bio-lake, with its 5,000 meter area, and a maximum depth of 1.3-1.5 meters. A place of gathering and mingling, to relax under the sun, in a green meadow, or to plunge into the fresh mountain water.
The swimming conditions are ensured by water renewals, and by the presence of purifying water plants. In full respect of nature, phytopurification replaces any chemical compounds, such as chlorine and other additives, preventing any harmful substances from entering the sewage system or the surrounding crops.

The new provincial biking path runs right near the sustainable lake, leading from Molina to Canazei in total safety.
The bio-lake is also be the ideal place for a rejuvenating and refreshing stop, before getting back on the bike.
SUMMER 2022:
Open from June 1 to September 30, 2022 from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Daily admission:
ADULT € 4,00
OVER 65 AND KIDS 4-13 € 3,00
Afternoon admission after 3.00 pm: KIDS € 2,00; ADULT € 3,00

Multi-day ticket:
WEEKLY: ADULT € 24,00; KIDS 4-13 € 18,00
MONTHLY: ADULT € 80,00; KIDS 4-13 € 60,00
SEASONAL: ADULT € 150,00; KIDS 4-13 € 100,00

Rental: sun umbrella (€ 4,00), lounger (€ 6,00), deck chair (€ 3,00).


Loc. Fontanelle
38037 Predazzo (TN)