Cembrani DOC

CEMBRANI D.O.C.: Cembra Cantina di Montagna, Villa Corniole, Simoni Ferruccio e Michele,
Nicolodi Alfio Azienda Vitivinicola, Zanotelli Azienda Agricola, Distilleria Pilzer, Distilleria
Paolazzi Vittorio.

Book your visit to the 7 family-run businesses of Val di Cembra (five wineries and two
distilleries), whose products are a symbol not only of the passion of many generations, but
also of a terroir which has been cultivated with grapevines since the Etruscan time. As a matter
of fact, Valle di Cembra is the oldest location in the Trentino region where wine is produced.
Discover the uniqueness of mountain wines, the fragrance of Trentodoc sparkling wines and
the elegance of Trentino grappa distilled in Val di Cembra, where local people have built a lot
of terraces and more than seven hundred kilometres of dry-stone walls. The importance of
this rural and agricultural landscape has also been recognised by the Minister of Agricultural,
Food and Forestry Policies.

Guided tours are available upon reservation. For Fiemme Guest Card holders, there are visits
and free tastings arranged on Tuesdays at the distillery and on Fridays at the winery.
Purchase our wines, sparkling wines and grappas on our website www.cembranidoc.it and
enter the discount code #FIEMME to receive the CEMBRANI DOC PREMIERE CARD with
one-year free shipping.
We ship to 23 countries directly to your home. Write to info@cembranidoc.it, call +39 393
5503104 or send a WhatsApp message for your orders of wines and grappas from Val di


Viale IV Novembre 52
38034 Cembra