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Cheese factory Val di Fiemme

Since 50 years, Caseificio Val di Fiemme has been a cheesemaking factory producing cow's and goat's cheese whose milk's collected twice a day from our members' farms. Their livestock consume aromatic hay of Fiemme, NO-GMO animal feed and no silages.
In our store in Carano, many kinds of wholesome cheese made of milk, salt and rennet.
Our fresh kinds of cheese: tosella, ricotta, cow's and goat's cream cheese for a healthy breakfast or a nourishing snack.
Our savoury kinds of cheese: Trentingrana, Fontal, the fresh and seasoned goat's cheese, Formae Val di Fiemme and, in summer, Formae Val di Fiemme produced in malgas. Looking for orginal tastes? Try our cow's or goat's kinds of cheese matured in caves or pits.

NEW! “Buon per Te”, our sweet and lactose-free caciotta.


Via Nazionale, 8
38099 Carano - Ville di Fiemme