La tana degli gnomi

The Kinderheim “La Tana degli Gnomi”, the dwarfs' hideout, welcomes all the kids to a snowy world of amusement in the Ski Area Alpe Lusia!
Easy to reach, right next to the ski lifts, it offers funny and interesting activities every day such as creative labs, games, cooking activities, children’s make-up parties, story telling, lessons on dwarfs and activities related to winter events.
Outside kids can have fun at the Kinderplatz, an open air playground with a wooden castle and towers, a mountain of games to entartain you and if you are lucky enough you can have the chance to find a dwarf!
Opposite the Kinderheim you find the kids ski area with a magic carpet, installations, obstacles and tunnels on a wide slope: exactly what you need to learn the art of skiing!

Opening time:

from December 3rd open every day 9.30 am - 12.30 pm and 1-4 pm

ENTRANCE (kids accompanied by parents)
all day € 15,00
5all-day tickets  € 60,00


Half day (3 hours) € 30,00
All day (lunch not included) € 45,00
5 all-day tickets (lunch not included) € 215,00
lunch: € 8

LARICINO PARK: free outdoor playground


loc. Castelir
38037 Bellamonte