Travelling Safely

Laricino Park Bellamonte

You haven’t skied yet but you wanna try? Do it at Laricino Park in Bellamonte. At this funny fenced ski park – the entrance is free - you can begin to move your first steps with the skis on in a safe and soft way.
Reach the top of the slope on the comfortable moving carpet then ski down and pass near the nice rubber obstacles, very useful to help you make some curves. If you need a ski instructor, at our Alta Val di Fiemme Ski School you will find an instructor to teach you and your kids how to ski. Bellamonte is the best place to have fun and get into this amazing discipline.
Laricino Park is in front of the skipass office of Bellamonte, near the mountain restaurant El Zirmo. You can reach it by foot from the parking.


Loc. Castelir
38030 Bellamonte