The Sounding Forest

The Bosco che Suona, the Sounding Forest, grows in Val di Fiemme, the Valley of Harmony. The pillars of this outdoor music temple are spruce firs, already appreciated by Stradivari and other master luthiers like the Guarnieris and the Amatis. Each summer this forest welcomes a musical ritual, the only one in the world, invented by Mr. Claudio Delvai.
Worldwide-known musicians taking part in the festival of music at high altitude "The Sounds of the Dolomites” are invited to choose one of the trees. This is the gift that Val di Fiemme offers to all artists spreading sublime melodies throughout the world with musical instruments that are likely to be born in these forests, that the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme has been looking after accurately and managing for one thousand years.
You can arrive at the Sounding Forest driving through a forestry road (mostly paved) that from Predazzo gets to Valmaggiore. At the Tourist Board office of Predazzo you can ask for the tablet with the APP "The Sounding Forest". Once reached the forest, walking among the trees, look at the number assigned to each spruce, then click it in the App “Sounding Forest” to listen to the artist's song.

Please note that after the Vaia windstorm of 2018, some trees and information boards were damaged. Together with the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme and their forest rangers, we are working on bringing the Sounding Forest back to its original beauty as soon as possible, thank you for understanding.


Il Bosco che Suona
Località Paluat
38037 Predazzo (TN)