The Sounding Forest

Il Bosco che Suona grows up in the woods of Val di Fiemme, the Valley of Harmony. The pillars of this outdoor music temple are the spruce firs. For the extraordinary acoustic characteristics, the spruce fir is soughtto realize the sound boards of organs, pianos, violins, violas and many others. During the summer some world-famous musicians, who partecipate in the music festival "I Suoni delle Dolomiti" alre called to choose a spruce fir of the Bosco che Suona. This is the gift, made in Val di Fiemme, for these artists who spread sublime melodies in the world. The ritual ends with the performance of a piece that the artist dedicates to his spruce fir. A mysterious resonance between man and nature makes the forest vibrate.


Il Bosco che Suona
Località Paluat
38037 Predazzo (TN)