Tour of wings

"Along the sweet stream of water… barefoot". At Fassane, easily accessible with the lift from the resort Castelir - Bellamonte, has been created a beautiful play path loop where children of all ages, fully immersed in nature, can play and have fun while learning about the flora and fauna that inhabit our valley across waterfalls, submerged stone stairs, suspended bridges, wooden toys that float on small ponds and curious rafts! A magical place where you get to know the birds of the Val di Fiemme as eagles, hawks, sparrows and more. Near the river a green lawn where you can discover, play, the secrets of nature and to rest between your adventures.
The path “Tour of Wings” is situated at 1.750 mt asl (località Fassane). To reach it, get on the gondola in Castelir-Bellamonte 3.0.

Admission € 8, kids under 4 free.


Loc. Castelir, 7
38037 Bellamonte (TN)