Wellness Center Swimming pool Cavalese

Saunas of the Wellness Centre at the swimming pool. Steam baths are part of an old tradition, they facilitate relaxation and detoxification. Their therapeutic and aesthetical properties are well known: as a matter of fact the famous Finnish sauna is considered as a great source of wellbeing. It helps relieving stress and anxiety, plus skin is deeply purified through perspiration (eliminating acids and toxins). It reduces cellulite and can be used as a remedy for muscles, bones or joints problems.

Day SPA - Sauna, Biosauna, Turkish bath, Kneipp
Daily tickets valid for swimmingpool and wellness area:
Children up to 12 years € 9
Reduced € 18
Adults € 19
Family € 43 (2 adults + 1 child)
For more infos:  www.sagis.tn.it


Via Rossini, 5
phone +39(0462)341810