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Wine Bar & Bistrot El Molin

Wine Bar & Bistrot El Molin

Manila Mauroni and Chef Nicolò Zampieron: two interlacing stories that have joined together and turned into a dream come true. The El Molin is located in a historic building in the centre of Cavalese, in front of the Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme. It is an intimate and welcoming location with a warm wooden design which is typical of Trentino’s tradition. Here, new Italian and international recipes blend in with traditional gourmet specialties, accompanied by a gin tonic or a glass of wine from the many valuable bottles available. On the menu, you can find, for instance, steak tartare with rocket pesto, baked tomato and foamy egg yolk, codfish whipped with candied lemon and chives and Polenta di Storo chips. The Wine Bar & Bistrot El Molin is a place of discoveries and of a never-ending evolution of flavours.


El Molin Wine Bar & Bistrot
Via Giampiero Muratori, 6
38033 Cavalese