Alpine World Ski Champs, Sweden works out in Val di Fiemme


Not only Kasete Skeen, the so-called “Tomba from Tonga”, is training on the ski slopes of Val di Fiemme for the Alpine World Ski Champs of St. Moritz. This Polynesian star of the World Championships explained that this world event are his first step to crown his Olympic dream.

Tomorrow, Friday 10th February, in the same ski area in Val di Fiemme the great Swedish champions will be training. They are staying at Hotel Polo in Ziano and are skiing at the Ski Center Latemar, down the slope Torre di Pisa of Predazzo, selected for its undisputed technical qualities and for the snow conditions - similar to St. Moritz's.

The athletes André Myhrer, Matts Olsson and Mattias Hargin are trained by the coaches Per Saxvall, Helmut Grassl and Walter Girardi, a former Italian downhill racer.

André Myhrer, 34, is a Slalom champion. He won an Olympic bronze medal (Vancouver 2010), one World Cup (2012) and two world medals. On Torre di Pisa he is getting ready for the Giant Slalom race, (17th February) and th Slalom race (19th February).

Matts Olsson, 28, bronze medal at the World Championships in 2011, won the silver medal at the Giant Slalom in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the German stage of the 2016-17 Alpine Ski World Cup. In Val di Fiemme he is getting ready for the Nations team event (14th February) and the Giant Slalom (17th February) of the Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz.  

Mattias Hargin, 28, after having triumphed in the World Cup's Slaom race in Kitzbühel in 2015, as well as one silver and one bronze medal in 2013 and 2015, is training for the Nations team event (14th February) and for the Slalom race (19th February) of the Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz.  

The leaders of the Ski Team Sweden are the Italian Heinz Peter Platter and the French Jack Theolier.

Their trainings are planned on Frida 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February on Torre di Pisa, from 8 to 10.30 (during them, the slope will be closed to skiers). In view of the Slalom race, the athletes will be also training on Aloch slope in Pozza di Fassa.


Mattias Hargin and Matts Olsson, on Tuesday 14th February, NATIONS TEAM EVENT

Andrè Myhrer and Matts Olsson, on Friday 17th February, GIANT SLALOM

Mattias Hargin and Andrè Myrer, on Sunday 19th February, SLALOM



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