Fiemme lights the stars up


A journey to explore the furthest parts of the universe, observing the crater on the moon surface, the dancing movements of Jupiter’s satellites, the giant solar storms, the immensity of a galaxy. These shows are on every night, above our heads, but which invisible to the naked eye.

From today on, the spectacular sights of the universe open up a new and majestic dimension to us, and they will be observed through powerful telescopes.

The new Astronomical Observatory of Val di Fiemme, in Zanon, nearby Tesero, will be inaugurated on Saturday, 12 September. The Observatory is managed by the Gruppo Astrofili - the group of the astronomy amateurs - which has been active since 1993 - to further increase the number of people interested in the wonders of the universe, through conferences, observation sessions open to the public, seminars and exhibitions.

The President of the group, Mario Vinante and the Secretary, Giancarlo Mich, will present the gorgeous facility, made of two white domes on a meadow.

Apart from the set of futuristic telescopes, the Observatory is also equipped with an up-to-date digital planetarium which simulates the celestial vault, also using spectacular educational videos.

The new Observatory was conceived and engineered to disseminate astronomy at educational level and to amateurs, but it also offers a cultural opportunity for tourists.

The enchanting location, at about 1,200 m, is an excellent compromise between accessibility and distance from urban lights, to obtain the optimum sight of the sky. The observation of the sky from a privileged site is an unforgettable experience, an unrivalled sight.

INFO:; President: Mario Vinante, Mob. + 39 348 2692541, Secretary: Giancarlo Mich, Ph. +39 0462 813632,



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