Let’s ski day and night in the Fiemme-Obereggen ski area


The Night reveals what the Day did not say. The ski area Fiemme-Obereggen, similarly to the entire Dolomiti Superski Area, with its “8 sunny days out of 10” attracts skiers and tourists also from the northern European countries. But it is during the night that the Val di Fiemme reveals its essence. When the Dolomites peaks meet with the moonlight, and their essence comes out, it is firm, captivating and deep. And then there is that flavour, in the mother-of-pearl night, which makes every move full of awareness, slow and delicate.

Your mother-of-pearl contrails under the Moonlight

The night of the Val di Fiemme is so beloved that you can ski at night 4 nights out of 7, on the Olimpia 3 ski slope of the Alpe Cermis (between 7.30 and 10.30 pm: every Wednesday and Friday) and on the Obereggen ski slope of the Ski Center Latemar (between 7.00 pm and 10.00 pm, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

You will be in the privileged condition of intimacy with nature while skiing during the night, on the Alpe Cermis. Every perception is intensified, when your breath goes hand in hand with the breath of the forest.

In the night everything has more flavour. This is the right occasion to enjoy your dinner on the snow at the refuge Dosso dei Larici of Cermis. Then you can return skiing or by cableway. At the end of the slope you will find the Cermisfera bar, a trendy club to relax with your ski-shoes still on.

Or you can dine on the snow at the Rifugio la Morea, in Bellamonte or at the Rifugio Caserina, in Pampeago. The refuges’ managers will pick you up by snowmobile!

If you like laughing and playing, you will enjoy the enlightened sled trail of Obereggen: it is 2.5 km long and it is enlightened twice a week.

Your ski contrails become golden under the Sun

When the Sun rises, after a nutritious breakfast, you will be ready to explore all the 110 km of ski slopes of the Fiemme-Obereggen ski area. Here you will discover a new panorama every day! Indeed, you can freely move among the five ski areas, using the same ski pass.

The Alpe Cermis ski area waits for your contrails full of light, on the very beautiful Lagorai mountain chain, where the snow-capped mountain peaks stand out on the background of the sky, like scintillating waves.

The network of ski slopes is suitable for all kinds of skiers and it starts at 2,200 m, on Cima Palon. From here you can admire one of the most spectacular views on the Alps and on the Dolomites.

Do you want to have your longest ski descent? The mythic Olimpia ski slope is 7.5 km long and it is there, at your disposal! The Olimpia is one of the most beloved ski slopes of the Alpine area.

You can reach the Alpe Cermis in a comfortable way, from the center of Cavalese, with a state-of-the-art cableway.

The Ski Center Latemar is home to a ski area surrounding the Latemar Dolomites group, which are listed in the sites protected UNESCO as World Natural Heritage. Its 50 km of ski slopes are accessible from Predazzo, Pampago or Obereggen. What about a photographic ski safari, unique in the world? Let’s ski slaloming among the works of art placed along the Agnello ski slope of Pampeago. They are all made by internationally renowned artists! The ski slope goes through the Arts Park RespirArt, one of the highest of the world. Among the top-level ski slopes: the Torre di Pisa named after the homonymous mountain peak of Latemar, a true star of the Dolomites. At the arrival point of the Latemar cableway of Predazzo you will find the entertaining track for sleds, the Alpine Coaster Gardoné, crossing the snow-capped forest, with curves, parabolic curves and jumps.

The Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia ski-area is close to the borders of the Natural Park Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino, one of the “protected” areas which favored the admission of the Dolomites in the list of the landscapes of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage. The Lasté ski slope will fascinate you, thanks to its fabulous Dolomites views. It is 2.8 km long, and it starts at 2,320 m. A new sled trail, called “Fraina” was designed in Bellamonte. It is 1.6 km long, and it connects Le Fassane with Castellir, along the Dolomites’ ski slope.

On the ski slopes on Passo Rolle you will have the unique opportunity to ski among the majestic Pale di San Martino, the breathtakingly beautiful Dolomites peaks. The ski slope “Paradiso” has a view on Cimon della Pala, with a breathtaking landscape, above all at sunset. The Dolomites Enrosadira is one of the most fascinating natural phenomenons of the world. The rocky mountains show colors ranging from light yellow to deep red, with a final nuance of purple.

Other scenarios on the limestone mountains mirror the colors of sunrise and sunset and open on the Passo Lavazé-Occlini, where Alpine skiing intertwines with cross-country skiing.

Snowboarders will have the opportunity to explore 110 km of ski slopes in Fiemme-Obereggen, with continuously new evolutions and jumps, in three exciting Snowparks: the Morea Snowpark Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia, the Obereggen Snowpark (enlightened thrice a week) and the Rolle Railz Park.



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