Paths accessible Summer 2019 (updated 18/11/19)


LATEMAR PREDAZZO: all the paths marked on the lift map (2019 edition) are open.

Compared to last year, the Geotrail Dos Capèl, the Botanical path and the Valsorda path are NOT accessible.

ATTENTION – on the mountain bike tour of LATEMAR. Path 519 is CLOSED DUE TO TREE REMOVAL WORK. From Passo Costalunga take the main road (n° 241) till Tamion. From there continue downhill on path 556 until Soraga and then continue on the cycle path.


PAMPEAGO: all the paths marked on the lift map (2019 edition) are open.

Compared to last year, the Pala di Santa Tour, the Latemar.Discover and the Geotrail Dos Capèl are NOT accessible.


OBEREGGEN: all the paths are open. 


BELLAMONTE CASTELIR: all the paths marked on the lift map (2019 edition) are open. ATTENTION path nr° 626 from Malga Bocche to Paneveggio is NOT accessible.


ALPE CERMIS: all the paths marked on the lift map (2019 edition) are open. Compared to last year path L06 - 353 from Forcella del Macaco towards Lago di Lagorai and path L08 from Corda del To de la Trapola in direction Valmoena are NOT accessible.




  • Val Venegia
  • Malga Juribello from the 4th hairpin bend on the road to Passo Rolle
  • Pulesi Ceremana (the dirt road along the shore of Fortebuso lake/dam)
  • From Passo Rolle towards Baita Segantini
  • Fortebuso – Cheta – Dossaccio



  • Path “Marciò”




In the area of Trodena/Malga Cislon everything is accessible. Some deviations are reported along the routes.

In the area of Anterivo/Malghette/Malga Monte Corno è tutto agibile. Some deviations are reported along the routes.

ATTENTION: Path Nr. 2 (Anterivo - Caoria) is now open


For the villages, reference is the map of the walks distributed in the tourist offices


Path A: accessible

Path B: accessible

Path C: accessible

Path E: part via Paradisi -“Lucianella” accessible Part “Lucianella” down to main road, near the tunnel, closed

Path E bis: accessible

Path F: accessible

Path G: accessible

Path H: accessible

Path I: accessible

Path L: accessible

Path M: accessible

Path N: accessible


Other accessible paths:

“Sentiero delle Leggende”

Path Waterfall Cavalese (start and end: Restaurant Locanda alla Cascata)



Paths in the area Brozzin: ALL ACCESSIBLE

Paths in the area Fraul: ALL ACCESSIBLE

Paths in the area Arodolo: CLOSED


Dirt roads in Brozzin, Fraul and from Piazzol to Arodolo ACCESSIBLE  

Dirt roads above Arodolo CLOSED

Dirt road and paths in the area Presepio - Canton from Molina di Fiemme no more existent



Path 2 and 2A: from camping Valleverde towards Zaluna, Maso Roncac, Ponte Lizata and firt climbing walls 

Path 3: Travignolo – Fitness trail side

Path 4: Belvedere Coronelle – Boscampo * dirt road from Miola to small lake Piaie

Path 4: Belvedere Coronelle – Boscampo * path Nr° 341 from Valmaggiore road to view point Belvedere

Path 6: meadows of Predazzo

Cycle path Predazzo – Ziano

Path 8: along Avisio river

Cycle path Predazzo – ski jumping stadion

Path 9: from ski jumping stadion to area Fol

Path "Cava dele Bore di Cece" from Lizata Bridge



Path 1: Degoia – Vallaccia torrent

Path 2 Belvedere: Dossi Bassi - camping – Belvedere (viewpoint) Andreola – Belvedere (viewpoint) Predazzo

Path 3 La Scofa – Travignolo: from Via della Torba till the hanging bridge

Path 4: Dossi Alti – Fitness trail



Path I: Only the section above the main road  

Path M: Campi bocce - Laghetto

Path N: Cava di marmo – Blarasin – Pian Longo – Varena


CAI (italian alpine club) PATH OPEN (after the damages)

  • E310B
  • E314 from Malga Agnelezza to Passo Cadin
  • E317B from Stalla Vecchia to Malga delle Capre crossroad E317A
  • E318 from Malga Cazzorga Alta to Malga Stellune
  • E321
  • E322A
  • E322
  • E353 from Forcella del Macaco to Malga Nuova di Val Moena
  • E335 from malga Valmaggiore towards the wood path
  • E336
  • E339 until Forcella Coldosè
  • E361 from Malga Cadinello Alta to Forcella Ziolera
  • E362 from Malga Cazzorga a Forcella Montalon
  • E481
  • E481A
  • E482 from 482A crossroad Via Nova to Malga Monte Corno (from crossroad 482A via Nova to Capriana CLOSED)
  • E482A
  • E483
  • E502
  • E503
  • E503A
  • E509
  • E510 
  • E514
  • E513
  • E522 
  • E523
  • E525
  • E572
  • E573 from Passo Oclini to Pozzi area
  • E574



Cascata (Waterfall) – Tabià

Salanzada – Tabià

Salanzada – Intermedia (middle station of cableway Alpe Cermis)


Val Lagorai

Val Cavelonte

From Ponte Stue towards Malga Cazzorga and Lago delle Stellune



La Sportiva Stratos Mask

The Trentino-based company unveils prices and technologies for hygienic protective mask

Ready, Get Set, Ski!

Enjoy a sneak preview of the new ski season on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November with the opening of three ski lifts: Agnello di Pampeago, Paradiso and Ferrari del Passo Rolle.
All other Fiemme-Obereggen ski areas will be open from Saturday 30 November.

News for the winter season 2019/2020

Among the news for the 2019-20 ski season of the ski area Fiemme-Obereggen, in addition to the two new restaurants on the ski slopes of the ski area Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia and Alpe Cermis, a new ski slope on Alpe Cermis and a sledding slope in the Latemar Ski Center.
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