Top 10 Winter


  1. Skiing under the stars: Val di Fiemme is such a beloved ski destination that you can ski even under the starry sky. The Olimpia ski slope is illuminated to allow skiers to ski during the night, every Wednesday and Friday (7.30 pm - 10.30 pm). At the end of the slope you will find the Cermisfera bar, a trendy club, where to relax with your still wearing your ski-shoes.


  1. Artistic ski slopes: in the Ski Center Latemar (Pampeago) you find the only ski slope in the world which goes through an Arts Park. Along the Agnello ski slope you can admire the 12 works of art of the Arts Park RespirArt, one of the highest of the world. Along the Agnello slope and its secondary route they located the works of art of internationally renowned artists, like the Stone Garden by Hidetoshi Nagasawa (Japan), The Eye in the Mind, by Olga Ziemska (Cleveland), The Cocoon and the Theatre by Marco Nones, The Tree which mirrors the Celestial Vault, by Aldo Pallaro, the Totem by Sandro Scalet and the Frame on Mount Latemar by Mauro Olivotto.


  1. Crazy sled trails: unleash your crazy laughs on the new Fraina Sled Trail, in the Ski area Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia - 1.6 km long - on the border of the Natural Park Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino.  And in Obereggen, in the Ski Center Latemar, you can sled also during the night, on a 2.5 km long trail. The night sledding is on every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, between 7 and 10 pm). Other shorter sled trails are located in the fun parks of all ski areas and on Passo Lavazé.


  1. Alpine Coaster Gardoné: this 1 km long Alpine Coaster sled coaster is the star of fun, going through the pine forests of Gardoné. This trail is unique in Trentino unleashes joy and laughs, with jumps, parabolic curves, a 360° loop, breathtaking grade changes and curves. The coaster is suitable also for kids aged between 5 and 14, accompanied by adults, because you can manually adjust the speed. You reach the Alpine Coaster Gardoné with the cableway Latemar in Predazzo.


  1. White walk on a red background: you can explore the enchanting nature of the Lavazé Plateau wearing your snow-shoes, in the midst of the cocoon-like silence. If you listen to your breath, all your thoughts will slowly vanish. Slowly you will become intimate with the beauty surrounding you. And you will suddenly shiver when the sunset will start painting the Catinaccio! The Dolomites Enrosadira is one of the most fascinating natural phenomenon of the world. The rocky mountains show colors ranging from light yellow to deep red, with a final nuance of purple.


  1. Following the track deer: in Val di Fiemme you can admire awesome deer from close! On the road connecting Predazzo with Passo Rolle, next to the Natural Park Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino, there is a large protected area, with a platform to better observe them. Further, every Sunday morning, your FiemmEmotion Winter Card gives you free access to the naturalistic walk “From the transparent bridge to the suspended bridge”. You will follow the deer tracks, surrounded by the trees of music and spectacular bridges: you will be enchanted by the iced waterfalls of the Travignolo stream. (PHOTO by Tomaso Balsassarra).


  1. The Marcialonga Track: the mythic Marcialonga Track for Cross-Country Skiing goes through the entire Val di Fiemme, from Predazzo to Molina di Fiemme. You can ski for 16 km, along the Avisio stream and the Cavalese waterfall. On the last Sunday of January this track becomes the stage of one of the most attractive long cross-country ski race. The history of the Marcialonga is the history of cross-country. The track goes through the Cross Country Ski Stadium of Lago di Tesero, which hosted three editions of the Nordic Ski World Cup, in 1991, 2003 and 2013.


  1. Dining on the snow: what about having a dinner in a refuge, on the snow, where the panorama is breathtaking, and the moon shines like a diamond? Book your Dinner in the refuge! Baita Caserina in Pampeago: you reach it by snowmobile, and then you return either on foot or by snowmobile. Rifuge Dosso Larici: you can reach it every Wednesday and Friday, with the Cermis cableway, from the center of Cavalese or from provincial road. You can return by cableway or skiing, along the illuminated Olimpia ski slope. Refuge La Morea in Bellamonte: you can reach it by snowmobile. Then you return either on foot or by snowmobile, or with your sled! You will taste delicious dishes, like the Goulash with Canederli (large dumplings of bread with meat, spices and cheese), Strangolapreti (spinach dumplings), Spätzle with speck and cream, the Tortelli di patate (fried potato cakes), the Polenta with melted cheese, mushrooms or pork leg, Lucanica (traditional pork sausage) or Carne Salada with beans (beef meat cured in spicy, salty brine).


  1. Pasta and Birra di Fiemme: among the excellent local food products you can taste a type of bio-pasta, obtained withspring water springing at 2,000 meters of altitude, on the Latemar, and dried with the pure air of the Dolomites. This is the delicious Pasta Felicetti from Predazzo, available also in the single-grain Matt, Kamut or emmer wheat editions. Then have a Birra di Fiemme, a beer with a full and refined taste, with a slight nuance of hops and a dry, slightly acidulous and fruity aftertaste. It is not pasteurized and contains no preservatives; it is produced in a small brewery in Daiano. Both the pasta and the beer are served in the restaurants of Val di Fiemme, in the pubs and even in the refuges.  


  1. The Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme: the historical Palace of Cavalese, the historical headquarter of the millennia-old Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme is nowadays one of the most dynamic and smartest museums. When you visit it you will discover every secret protected in its ancient walls. The prisons dating back to the 19th century, with the moving inscriptions carved by the prisoners recall lives, memories and condemnations. In the 16th century the cells were the cruel prisons of the so-called witches of Cavalese.

Val di Fiemme takes you to the top

From 2nd June you can take the lifts and reach the top of the mountains! Here you will find all the information regarding opening times of the chairlifts.