Val di Fiemme is cycling, up&down hills and easy-to-ride e-bike rides in the Dolomites


The pink” routes of Giro d’Italia, a 50-km-long cycle lane, but also dolomitic passes and forestry paths. Pros and amateurs caress the valuable landscapes of Unesco's “World Natural Heritage Site” by bike or Mtb.

BIKE EVENTS: Six amazing summer bike events, like the first edition of DOLOMITICS24, the only “24h no-stop” bike event in the mountains.

EXPERTS: Thea area dedicated to Dolomiti Lagorai Bike and GRAND TOUR is larger.

SLOW BIKE: The E-bike is more and more appreciated; by the e-Mtbike you can get at any destination you like.

Cycling in Val di Fiemme means touching the core of the great mountain chains of Latemar and the Natural Park Paneveggio Pale di San Martino.

The Dolomiti Lagorai Bike routes invite you to explore unpolluted places at more than 2,200 metres above the sea level. Furthermore, Val di Fiemme is crossed by the 50 kilometres of Cycle lane of the Dolomites Fiemme and Fassa, which is also covered by Fiemme Fassa Bike Express shuttle.

Besides the cycle lane, by your e-bike you can ride in surrounded by places of notable natural prestige.

The 3- or 4-star Hotels for Bikers offer several services dedicated to bike lovers, like well-equipped rooms, snacks and menus for athletes, specific massages to get your muscles relax, a map with all the bike routes, the Garmin Gps supplied with the cartography and, sometimes, even e-bikes with pedal assistance.


More than 1,200 km of off-road routes monitored by the Gps – free download on – among woods, meadows, alpine lakes and two natural parks – Monte Corno and Paneveggio Pale di S. Martino. This area lies in the Dolomites of Trentino, in Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa, Primiero, Altopiano di Piné-Val di Cembra and Valsugana.

I Mtb and Grand Tour courses – which are ideally connected – lead you to the bathing lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo in Valsugana, to the panoramic and privileged views over the lakes of Serraia and Delle Piazze of Baselga di Piné. You can explore pure areas up to 2,200 metres above the sea level in the wild peaks of the mountain chain of Lagorai, where the phorphyry rocks detain the water which has formed lots of little lakes; the dolomitic tops of Latemar, Catinaccio, Sella and Pale di San Martino that Unesco declared “World Heritage Sites”. Thanks to the support of hotels, shops, bike rents, ski lift and means of transport companies, Mtb schools and instructors, Dolomiti Lagorai Bike can offer a range of services specifically developed for mountain bikes.

The Dolomiti Lagorai Bike Grand Tour is a 7-day-long mountain bike course that can be ridden for six months a year. The tour is 400 km long, between 377 and 2,219 mt. asl.

You can always reduce the limeage by choosing only some of the stages. Also the altitude gaps can be considerably decreased by catching the ski lifts that are open from mid-June to mid-September.


A recent European research has shown that about the 50 percent of the transfers on wheels cover a 3/5 km distance. Furthermore, the 30 percent of the transfers on wheels is even lower than 2 km. It means that promoting the use of the e-bike could give a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle. Val di Fiemme, the promoter of the environmentally-sustainable project called FiemmE-motion, proposes e-bike guided rides with instructor to let the less-trained tourists ride a bike and to foster an evironmental-friendly mobility.

The e-bike pedal assistance is very comfortable. By facilitating the longer transfers, it let you make regular efforts which never exceed your physical resource. The e-bike dedicated tours, in Val di Fiemme, include both the cycle lane and the legendary route of the old railway of Fiemme - Vecia Ferovia – up to the Natural Park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino (download the GPX on: In addition, by an e-mtbike you can get at destinations that only well-trained people could reach until few years ago.

There are good discounts on the rental of e-bikes offered by Trentino & FiemmE-motion Guest Card. This is the only Card that succeeding in converting the visitors tax into a precious treasure chest full of daily services and activities. In Val di Fiemme, when you pay 2 euros per night for the visitors tax, you receive the Trentino & FiemmE-motion Guest Card offering you free ski lifts, buses and shuttles, guided walks, treks, spectacular tales told in nature, delicious rides, amusement parks, visits to museums and castles of Trentino and entrances to sports courts/fields. Val di Fiemme Card is a real passepartout to have fun everyday.


Fiemme is crossed by the Cycle lane of the Dolomites which connects it to Val di Fassa passing by meadows, water streams and mountain huts. Just 600 meters of altitude gap, you can ride for about 50 km, from Molina di Fiemme to Canazei. Furthermore, from the last week of June to the first week of September (both included), you can ride downhill then get the Fiemme Fassa Bike Express shuttles (15 stops) to carry into your bike and come back by shuttle. This service is discounted for the Trentino & FiemmE-motion Guest Card holders. The cycle lane is suitable for families with children and to the bikers who want to warm up before facing a dolomitic hill to mountain passes. Several road tours start from the cycle lane of Fiemme and Fassa to the Natural Park of Paneveggio, where you can watch the deer reserve, or to the four Sellaronda mountain passes.


In the Natural Park of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino there is a path suitable for cycling, along the water stream called Travignolo to Pian dei Casoni and Malga Venegia. From mid-June to the end of September, you can rent a mountain bike or an e-mtb at the Visitor's Centre of Parco di Paneveggio to reach the fascinating dolomitic views of Val Venegia, along the new cycle-pedestrian path. People who are not too much trained can carry their mtb on the free shuttle to reach Val Venegia, where they can enjoy the downhill in the shade of the trees and along the water stream. Family Special: by renting two bikes, you is for free. Discounts for the Trentino & FiemmE-motion Guest Card holders.


The following road bike and mountain bike events will be the most awaited in 2016: Dolomitics24 (21-22 May); Fiemme Senz’Auto (5th June); Marcialonga Cycling Craft (12th June); Randolomitics (9-10 July); La Vecia Ferovia de la Val de Fiemme (7th August); Trophy Passo Pampeago (18th September).


The first 24 no-stop bike race in the mountains

21-22 May 2016

A hard challenge. The organizers of the non-competitive & cycle-tourism Randolomitics are launching a 24h race: the first Dolomitics24, a 24h no-stop race taking place on 21-22 May on the ring road at the foot of the dolomitic group of Latemar. The athletes will face a 28.2-km route between Passo Pampeago and Passo Lavazé, a 1,250 meters/lap difference in height. Open for Solo Man, Solo Woman, Team 2, Team 4. The ultra bikers Omar Di Felice & Nico Valsesia are the official


Eco-friendly day by eco-friendly means of transport.

Eco-friendly day by eco-friendly means of transport.

Closing road to traffic is like revealing a new world. You discover unexpected liveable spaces, new views overlooking the horizon. That's how Val di Fiemme wants the future to be. The road called “Statale 48 delle Dolomiti” from Cavalese to Predazzo, from 10:00 to 17:00 will be closed to cars but open to citizens and horse-drawn carriages, e-bikes, concerts, games, demo, tastings, outdoor exhibitions and shows.


Cycling road race in the Dolomites.

12 June 2016, Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa

Three dolomitic passes - Lavazé, San Pellegrino and Valles. Three provinces - Trento, Bolzano and Belluno. One thrilling cycling road race. The Marcialonga Cycling Craft of Fiemme and Fassa starts from Predazzo and is 135 km long, with a 3,279-meter difference in height. The shorter route is 80 km long, with a 1,894-meter difference in height. Events: live music; bike happy hour; entertainment for children and Nutella party. Saturday 11 June, Minicycling and Bike Expo with ultra-modern bikes.


A cycle-tourism race to challenge yourself

9-10 July 2016

Randolomitics is a new riding in the Dolomites of Trentino without feeling the stress of a race. For this edition they planned 3 routes for 3 different psycho-physical levels: Easy Fleim 117 km. (10 hours); Fiemme 225 km. (18 hours), Dolomiti 412 km. (40 hours). They all start from Lago di Tesero and finish in Pampeago – 3 ways to challenge yourself in the Dolomites. A group of friends, the “randonneurs”, called it Randolomitics. Share it #Randonnèe.

The three courses are:

  • Easy Fleim 117 km - 4.200 metres of difference in height to be completed within 10 hours;
  • Fiemme 225 km - 7.000 metres of difference in height to be completed within 18 hours;
  • Dolomiti 412 km - 14.200 metres of difference in height to be completed within 40 hours.

Dolomitics' purpose is inviting your bike-lover friends to experience a real “baptism” in the world of endurance by creating a cosy challenge in landscapes of rare beauty.


1300 bikers along the “ghost” railway of Fiemme.  

Sunday 7 August 2016, Ora-Molina di Fiemme

The charm of Vecia Ferovia dela Val de Fieme fascinates the mtb fans. On Sunday 7 August at 9.30, athletes, amateurs and e-bikers are starting from Ora (Bz) to reach Molina di Fiemme after 40 km. They're following the old railway which was active until the 60s. 1,300 bikers are crossing little bridges, tunnels, woods and meadows full of flowers. A Seat Ibiza will be the 1st prize for this 20th edition organized by the sports club Polisportiva Molina di Fiemme, helped by Sudtirol Firmenlauf.

5th Trophy Passo Pampeago in Trentino

The “pink” charm of an extreme uphill time trial 

Sunday 18 September 2016, Val di Fiemme

Alpe and Passo di Pampeago in Val di Fiemme are one of the most known hills of Trentino. On Sunday 18 September, bikers can test their skills on the slopes that have welcomed many champions so far. The loved uphill time trial on the “pink” hill from Tesero to Pampeago starts at 9.30 - 10.5 km from 1.000 mt.asl. to 2.000 mt.asl. The Ski Center Latemar and the sports club US. Litegosa of Panchià are the organizers. Passo Pampeago Trophy is the last and crucial trial of Up Hill Challenge.




La Sportiva Stratos Mask

The Trentino-based company unveils prices and technologies for hygienic protective mask